Tips For Selling a House & Property in Tasmania

Getting your home ready for sale can be a nightmare, so we’ve put together a list of property preparation tips in order for you to present your home in its best light.

Things to Do to Prepare Your Property for Sale

  1. Make sure your home in clean and tidy – both for the photography and also all open homes and inspections. Below is a quick room-by-room guide of what to do:
    a) Kitchen – put away dishes, clear off the bench space, remove tea towels, remove fridge magnets
    b) Bathrooms – clear bench space and shower/bath of any toiletries, clean mirrors, ensure towels are hanging straight
    c) Bedrooms – make the bed, tidy bedside tables/shelves/cords, remove under-bed items
    d) Living/dining – store any excess bulky items, tidy books/DVDs, turn off the TV and store remotes, arrange cushions/throw rugs
    e) Outside – tidy the lawn/garden, remove cobwebs, move the car from the driveway, take the washing off the line, store shoes/children’s toys/etc.
  2. When booking the photography/videography of your home, suggest to your agent a time when the sun is shining on the front of your home.
  3. Lighting is key – open all blinds/curtains so your home looks light and bright and also turn on lamps to add ambience.
  4. Add colour to your home – fresh flowers or fruit in a bowl in the kitchen are great ways to do this!
  5. Let your agent know if you have a pet and if they will be at the property during open homes/inspections. Make sure they are safe and secure and that their belongings are hidden from view.
  6. Be realistic about your home’s appearance but also look at it through the buyer’s eyes – as if you were going to buy it. De-cluttering and de-personalising your home (if desired) can add value to your property.
  7. If your property is vacant, ask your agent about staging your home with quality furnishings.
  8. Ask your agent for their advice on what else may need to be done around your home.