Tips for Buyers

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Getting your home ready for sale can be a nightmare, so we’ve put together a list of property preparation tips for you to present your home in its best light whether it’s for a house auction, or before you’re getting your home ready to rent out to potential tenants or buyers. Bushby Property Group can help you with real estate listings and more!

1. Know your budget – before even looking at properties, speak to your financial adviser.

2. Know what you want – you’ll want to buy a home that meets all of your needs. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, and other attributes.

3. Know the market – compare homes within  your budget over a period of time to access the quality and value for money by attending as many open homes as possible.

4. Know your preferred location – research the area and make a list of potential suburbs you would like to live in. Consider transport, shops, schools, work, future expansion, local activities, etc.

5. Know your agent – trust the agents with the most knowledge. Bushby’s property consultants can help you with market knowledge, suburb information, the buying process, and more.