Property Listings - FAQ

What do I need to pay?
At commencement of your tenancy you’ll need to pay a security deposit & two weeks rent. Thereafter, depending on the terms & conditions of your tenancy, you’ll need to pay rent & utilities. Eg electricity, gas, servicing etc

Does the property come with linen and/or cutlery?
All our properties are inclusive of linen & cutlery, at no additional cost. All you need to bring is your toothbrush!

Is servicing available?
Regular ongoing servicing of the property for duration of tenancy is strongly recommended. Servicing includes; vacuuming, launder linen, bathroom clean & kitchen surface wipeover. Does not include; washing dishes or personal clothing. The cost is additional to your weekly rental amount, but can be added to your tax invoice for inclusive payment.

Do I need to pay utilities/cleaning?
The electricity will be the full responsibility of the tenant; tenants will need to contact Aurora Energy to get the electricity in their name for the period of their lease. The tenant must pay all charges in respect of gas, electric light and power, telephone calls (rental and installation) and all other charges levied by any competent authority providing services to for or on behalf of the tenant.

What are you open hours?
We are open from 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 9am to 12 noon. Closed Sundays.

How can payments be made?
Direct debit, at no cost to you, is our recommendation for all rental payments. We also accept credit card payments, with a surcharge fee applicable. (American Express not accepted in office). Rent must be paid in advance as from the commencement date until the agreement is validly terminated.  If a rental payment is rejected by a Financial Institution a fee of $25.00 is charged. If a cheque is dishonoured by a Financial Institution a fee of $30.00 is charged.

Who do I call for emergency maintenance?
Our after-hours emergency number is 0417 534 287. This number is for emergency maintenance only. For all other maintenance during business hours call 03 6333 3600

When is rubbish night?
Due to the nature of the rubbish collection in Launceston varying across suburbs we recommend contacting the Launceston City Council on 6323 3000 to find out your rubbish night.

Can I book a property unseen?
Yes you can. However, Bushby Property Group accept no responsibility/liability should you not like the property. Every endeavour has been given to ensure that all properties are not misrepresented on the internet.

Where is your office located?
We’re located at 117 Cimitiere Street, Launceston, ground floor. Opposite Spotlight.

Can I make a booking online?
Yes you can make a booking enquiry online, on any property. We will then confirm with you the weekly rate & availability.

What is the minimum stay?
Minimum stay is for 14 nights.

Do you accept long term tenancies?
Yes we do.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?
Security deposit is equivalent to four week’s rent, paid prior to collection of keys & will be forfeited if cancellation occurs. Keys will only be released upon full payment of bond & two weeks rent paid. Preferred method is credit card (surcharges apply, Amex & Diners not accepted). Your bond will be refunded minus linen, cleaning and where applicable. Bushby Property Group reserves the right to withhold the bond  or part thereof, if: (1) An additional clean is required (2) Damages have occurred to the property (3), rent is not paid and (4) smoking occurred at the property and fumigation is required. Guidelines for security deposits:

1.     Stove (including behind and sides of stove), griller and drip trays to be cleaned

2.     Refrigerator (including behind and side of refrigerator) and removal of all food

3.     Washing machine (including filter and under lid) to be free of lint and clothing removed

4.     Vacuum cleaner to be cleaned out

5.     Heat pump filters to be cleaned

6.     Rangehoods (including filters and top)

7.     Exhaust fans to be removed and cleaned

8.     Windows and window furnishings to be free of residue and hanging correctly

9.     Windowsills and tracks to be cleaned thoroughly with personal and food items removed

10.   All cupboards to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, including cutlery drawer

11.   All marks to be removed from walls

12.   All light fittings to be cleaned and globes replaced as necessary.  Please advise if globes are needed

13.   IXL Tastic or similar to be cleaned and heat lamps/globes to be in working order

14.   All floors to be washed and skirtings to be wiped free of dust and residue

15.   Doors and door jambs to be wiped free of dust and residue, doors should open and close freely

16.   Drapes to be vacuumed

17.   All carpets to be professionally steam-cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner and docket to be brought into the office, if tenancy is over 6 months or carpets are stained

18.   No rubbish to be left on the property or in bins including Launceston City Council waste and recycling bin

19.   Particular attention should be paid to bathrooms, toilets, bathroom cabinets, shower recesses
to be scrubbed and grouting to be free of all soap, residue and mildew, shower screens/curtains
to be washed and all personal items to be removed

20.   Driveways, carports and all concrete areas to be free from oil, grease stains, weeds and leaves

21.   Furniture and upholstery to be left in clean condition, heavily soiled areas will result in a dry-clean fee

22.   All items on inventory to be accounted for.

23.   Rent to be paid up to and including the day keys are returned to our office.

Please ensure all personal items, including food are removed from the property, if removal of such items are necessary, a cartage fee will be charged accordingly.

Furnishings that are removed, become damaged, stained or suffused with cooking smells or other odours will result in the tenant incurring additional costs to cover the cost of repair, replacement or specialist cleaning of such item. If you leave the property in the same condition you found it and did not disturb the peace, there should not be a problem with having your Security Bond refunded in full. This office reserves the right to list tenants who leave properties in state of disrepair or filthy to TICA (Tenants Information Centre Australasia), as well as seeking payment via a collection agency eg Tasmanian Collection Service or VEDA.

 Are pets allowed?

Some fully furnished properties are pet friendly, a pet must be put on the application and be approved for the property. A pet agreement will have t0 be filled out once a pet has been accepted. If a pet is found to be on the property when it has not been accepted no responsibility will be taken by Bushby Property Group or the landlord for the welfare/safety of the animal and should the animal do any damage the tenant is responsible for full replacement/repair/clean.