Top Rentals - March Week 1

Find the perfect rental property with Bushby Property Group. Here are our hand selected top rentals for the first week of March. Contact a property agent today and schedule a tour!

42 Salisbury Crescent West Launceston – $220/week | Sheryl Guy
Crescent West Launceston March rental
48 Welman Street Launceston – $220/week | Janice Hill
Welman Street Launceston March rental
2/14 Belgrave Parade Youngtown – $240/week | Sheryl Guy
Belgrave Parade Youngtown March rental
9/5 Valley Street, Trevallyn – $180/week | Kristen Lynam
 If you are interested in any of these properties please call Bushby Property Group on 63333 3600. We look forward to hearing from you.
Top Rentals
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Top Rentals - March Week 1